About HSS Fundraising

There is no cure for haemophilia. A person born with haemophilia will have it for life.

Haemophilia is constantly rated amongst the top 10 most expensive medical conditions to treat in the world and the most pressing need that haemophilia patients face, is the ability to afford medication to control bleeding.

A small bruise on the patient's ankle could require up to 6 bottles of Factor VIII/IX (medication) which costs slightly above $100 per bottle.

Patients with severe haemophilia may require regular infusion of the medication, because even a minor bump can cause uncontrolled bleeding.

The Red Dot fundraising drive was created by the Haemophilia Society of Singapore, to enable subsidized treatment, ensuring that the nation's haemophilia patients have access to affordable and safe treatment in managing the condition.

Red Dot Campaign

Part one: art class

For the Haemophilia community
aged between 4-12

26 August 2017 (Saturday)


ReDot Gallery
National Heritage Building
Hill Street

Part two: silent auction

Launch of microsite
2-week online auction of
paintings to raise funds for HSS

Part three: ceremony

Presentation of art pieces
to winning bidders

24 September 2017 (Sunday)

Medical Alumni Building
2 College Road
Singapore 169850

About HSS

The Haemophilia Society of Singapore (HSS) is a non-profit organisation formed with the objective of improving the lives of people with haemophilia and their families by providing support, access to information and financial assistance for expensive medical treatment. HSS is an approved charity by the Commissioner of Charity since 1986 and a member of the World Federation of Haemophilia (WFH).

HSS does not have salaried staff and is managed by a group of volunteers. HSS needs your continuous generosity to ensure that they can continue to provide help and support for people affected by haemophilia as costs of medical care continues to rise.

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What is haemophilia?

Haemophilia is a rare genetic bleeding disorder that affects the blood's ability to clot. Whilst most people stop bleeding after a while from a minor cut, people affected with haemophilia bleed longer than usual due to the absence of clotting factors which control the bleeding.

There is also the danger of internal bleeding which causes bruising and damage to the joints and muscles. This means that a small cut or knock can be serious for haemophilia patients. Read more

Treatment for haemophilia

There is no cure for haemophilia but treatments are available to help a person affected by the condition to control bleeding by infusing factor VII and IX concentrates as clotting factor replacements.

A person with haemophilia will have it for life and they need your help to look forward to a normal life expectancy.